Friday, May 1, 2009

The ergonomics of sewing

I just came across this blog post about table and chair height for healthy sewing at CrazyShortcutQuilts. I've had a hard time with this because at first I was so excited I sewed for hours and was in pain--neck, upperback, and elbow pain (I'm pushin' 50 and have carpal tunnel and had shoulder surgery years ago.) I had to stop for a few days and now I just sew in spurts. I knew my sewing set up wasn't ergonomic since I learned all about that with my initial injuries. I'm going to try out her suggestions. Take a look for yourself.

Otherwise, the recycled "stuff" contest at school is going great! Kids have brought in their handmade goods--a dog sweater made out of long t-shirt sleeve, a really cool bracelet made out of canned drink pop tops, and a capri sun hat (the student taped together.) Awesome!

I have finished a couple of quilt tops. I know, I know--what's my problem? How come I haven't posted the picks? Okay, this weekend for sure! Happy May Day!

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