Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two finished quilt tops!!!!

Finally--here are the two stacked coins quilt tops I finished! I used the stacked coins tutorial by crazymomquilts Amandajean. Her tutorial is awesome and I learned alot along the way. Foremost, I realized pinning the pieces together instead of just eyeballing them saved a lot of seam ripping! It's been 8 years since I've sewn/quilted so I'm having to relearn certain things but I'm really loving it. These two quilts are part of a trio of quilts I'm making for my three neices in Oregon. As you can see, I'm using the same material for them all but varying the pattern. I thought of making them individualized quilts -- blue for Delila Blu, sunny yellow for Lola Sunshine, and pink for Fiona Rose. But, those will be for a future date and with more heirloom quality so that they keep them forever--with love from Tia Nancy. Emily, there's no way around this--you won't be surprised since you read my blog! But, oh well, hopefully you'll love them anyway. Molly, thanks for the push to post. It's fun knowing somebody out there's interested!

On another note, even though I've got a sewing room, I've found that I prefer sewing at the kitchen table.
Seems it's where the action is, and it's so light and airy. Wherever I am, the cats and dog are there, too!
The two cats are cuddling on the first quilt my daughter made (I took her to a quilt class when she was 13.) The cats love it!


  1. your quilt tops are wonderful! i love the bright colors with all that white sashing. i'm sure that your nieces will LOVE them!

  2. Oh they are just beautiful, they will love them. I just finished a project,I crocheted a bag, it feels really good to complete something. Now I will go watch that tutorial and maybe start quilting something...

  3. Love the colors and love the white-on-white dots you used fot the sashing. Your cats are adorable, as well. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    To answer your question--my labels (for now) are printed out on the computer and traced onto fabric using a permanent, waterproof pen. At some point I may switch to those sheets that run through the printer but this is pretty simmple (and cheap!). Happyp quilting!

  4. What lucky nieces. That is amazing. Those colors are beautiful. And, like you, I tend to eyeball, but from what I am learning about quilting and quilt patterns, it's more about precision. I don't know if I am willing to be that precise yet, but hopefully, someday I will attempt one. So beautiful.

  5. I love your two coin quilts. (Coin quilts are some of my favorites.) The white really makes the bright colors pop. Great job!

  6. woohoo! two tops done, that is great!!
    will you quilt them yourself, or have them quilted?