Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been working on amandajeans 9-Patchquiltalong. I've got 42 blocks done so far! I know I have my own sewing room, but like I said, I'm enjoying sewing on my kitchen table. And even though I've got a big 'ol Singer sewing machine in the sewing room, I've been sewing on my new little Janome Sew Mini that I bought myself in March (bday gift to myself!) It's soooo awesome! I can lift it with one hand (6lbs) and I put it in my backpack and take it to school to work on projects with other teachers. It only has straight stitch and zigzag, but that's all you need to put a quilt top together, anyway! Hint, hint, Emily!!! I hope somebody (who we love and maybe got one of these through the mail for being such a sweetie) enjoys it as much as I do! It's also a great sewing machine to teach little one's with! Sewing in Oregon this summer!?! Oh, and I've been making juice pouch pencil cases for my students and I'll post a picture soon. In the meantime, here I am with my beloved Franklin. Don't I look like Lola!?!


  1. Oh my goodness Nancy you are sooooooooooo awesome, I love my new machine!!!!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou for thinking of me on my bday! It really made me feel so good to know somebody loves me. This machine will teach my girlies how to sew gauranteed. and I will make tons of quilts, that's a promise. Oh and that is exactly what I thought when i saw that picture of you, just like Lola! Now i know where she gets her sweet darling little face. you are gorgeous I hope you know that,and your little cat buddie is pretty cute too! I tried to call you twice to thank you, i will try again. Give Llauren a happy bday huggy from all of us! Love you!!!

  2. ....I love my mini Janome!