Saturday, December 5, 2009

Second Finished Quilt!

Here I am quilting the stacked coins quilt. I used large paper clips and bicycle clips, and had to sling it over my shoulder, in order to feed it through the machine. I still don't have the confidence or skill level for stippling so I channel quilted it. It took many hours, including about 6 hours to bind it--I forgot how long it all takes! Here it is finished and ready to wrap. I love the way it looks! But, I realize now that, although I love lots of white on quilts, it's probably not a good idea for small children's quilts. Oh, well! On another note, I tried my hand at bag making and I made this buttercup bag. I love it--it's so cute! It's a very easy pattern, too. I'm going to make several more but I'll use heavier fabric and enlarge the pattern as the bag is very flopy and way too small for me. It's still really cute, though!