Monday, July 13, 2009

Back from Denver

I'm home now. We sent my beloved Abuela off into the next life with love and unity. My siblings and I joined my aunt, uncle, cousins, neiece, and friends for several days of remembrance, fun, and togetherness, culminating in an uplifting funeral service, reception, and next day family picnic. I've hung on to something the priest said--that no matter how far away we are, we should make my Abuela proud by being a united family. We certainly succeeded in that this weekend and I hope we will continue to make her proud by sticking together no matter what. Here we are right after the funeral service. All together. Abuela would be proud! And here's a picture of my beautiful Abuela. I imagine that's how she looks now, sweet and at peace with herself. Well, since I'm back at home I'm gonna snuggle my two kitties and my dog, and spend time with my human family, and friends. And, I've got work to do. I haven't put together either of my quiltalong tops so that will be the first order of business. Then, I want to get onto the vintage sheet quilts with my daughter and sister in law. I'm happy. We did good. And now, the quilting will be good. As my cuban Abuela would say--"Eez too bee-u-ti-ful!!!" and "I luv yew!" I love you, too, Abuela!

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