Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quiltalong progress

I teach first grade and school will be out in two weeks! Hurray for summer but I'll miss my students. They've really worked hard this year, they're sweet, and they love my sewing projects. They think I'm a genius just because I can sew! Teaching is the best job. Where else do you just show up and people are so happy to see you and come up and hug you and share exciting things that happened to them. Teaching is awesome! Well, in between the end of year stuff I've been working on my quiltalongs.
Here are some of the sewn strips for the oldreadbarnquiltalong. They're folded so you can't see the whole thing. I'm not finished sewing the strips and haven't cut them, so I'm a bit behind but will catch up this week.
Now here's a picture of my blocks for amandajeansquiltalong. I've got over 60 blocks now! You can't see them all cuz I've stacked them (by color--goodness, don't tell anyone how fussy I am, okay!)
Also, thanks to Joan of PeaceLoveandHugs. I won her giveaway!!! She's sending me cute doggy leash with an iPod Dog Walking Pocket Case and matching leash done in a motorcycle print. So totally cute--my dog and I will love it. I'll post of picture of us out and about in our new attire.


  1. good job Nancy! you inspire me in so many ways.... teaching is the best job ever! I loved going to Fiona's class and helping out. The kids always hugged me and it was the best time just hanging out with them! Children are the greatest gift in the world!!

  2. Your quilts are coming along--colorful and really nice fabrics, too! You have a lot of energy! :-)

    Re: Santa Barbara We left there in 1978 (we are old) ;-) We moved to the Seattle area for 12 years and then moved to Roseburg. My husband's family still lives there and he visits once or twice a year; I have not been back in 25 years.

    Happy Quilting!

  3. Your first graders are lucky to have you!
    (I adore those pinks and blues in the top pic!)

  4. I am seeing quilt-a-long posts everywhere...I'm kind of wishing I would have signed up. Both of yours are looking great!

  5. Your stripes look very fresh and colorful, that will be a pretty one. Love your 9 patches, too. Maybe I have to make some myself? And thank you for a nice visit!

  6. I started a four patch, it is good for me since I am a beginner....hope you are feelin better :( miss ya.

  7. Cute! I love that paula prass fabric, it looks so good together in your quilt! And you officially did more 9 patches than me, I quickly made a different pattern to save myself like 11 more patches...........i'm a lazy one. I'm almost done with my top. Thanks for stopping by! -Allison

  8. i love the fabrics that you picked for your quilts. i pooped out on both of the quiltalongs :o( so i am glad to see you are sticking with it
    cant wait to see them finished