Sunday, March 15, 2009

My first post!

Okay, here I go. I've been through a lot of changes during the last couple of years, culminating with the deaths from cancer of both my mother in law, Gloria, in June 2008 and my brother, Joe, in September 2008. They both passed away in my home, in the same bedroom, and I've decided to make that room into my sewing studio (I'm posting the in progress messiness and will post its transformation.) I have to say that I treasure the time I had with both of them, even the illness and the dying. I learned so much about living, about family and friends, how to support others, about appreciation, and I've faced many of my fears and, shall we say, issues (procrastination and indecision being the biggest.) And, I realize, life may be short, but it is sweet, and filled with beauty. So, in honor Gloria and Joe, I'm creating this blog so I can explore my creative side and keep the meaning of their presence in my life an ongoing source of inspiration.

That said, I haven't quilted in 8 years! But I'm so very inspired by the many quilt blogs out there--especially, and are kind enough to create fabulous tutorials. I have several unfinished quilts that I WILL complete (some have fabric choices I wouldn't make now but I hate to waste and would like to feel a sense of completion with them.) This is a red and white quilt for my neice. Today I wouldn't choose such a neutral color scheme but I'm going to try wonky letters in the border and jazz it up.

The black and pink quilt is for my daughter. I like the color choices there, although I'm all about the brighter colors now. Though it's colorful, it's still a little safe and traditional (but, I DO love it and know my daughter will, too!)

I'm going to make a stacked coins quilt and even though I may be procrastinating finishing the other quilts, I'm excited to start cutting the stacked coins fabrics. I got them on sale at JoAnns--remnants and fat quarter bundles for 40% off! I just love a good deal! Here's a picture of the stacked coins fabrics on top of the red and white quilt.

Well, with a little luck, decisiveness, and determination not to procrastinate and do all the other things that need to be done around here, I should be well on my way and will post in a few days.


  1. welcome to blogland. good luck with your projects and have fun with the letters. give me a shout if you get stuck.

  2. Good for you on getting started, both with the blog and the sewing! And good luck with your sewing project. There's lots of inspiration out here in blogland, and lots of help too.

    I like your red and white quilt, and I think it will look great with some of Tonya's letters in the border!

  3. Thanks Tonya. And I'll post a pic of the wonky letters when I'm done.

  4. Sharon, thanks for your encouragement. I left you a comment on your blog about your wonky letters.

  5. Oh this is wonderful, I don't know how to quilt yet, but I can sew and it is my next goal to learn how to do it! I love your blog, it will be my inspiration too!! Love you all! Come visit us soon, we truly miss you.